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The state of Texas is one of seven states in the country that does not have a state income tax.

For some, this is a boon; enough to make Texas a desirable place to live; well, besides the weather and other obvious reasons.

Still, there are other considerations which make a state with no income tax a good thing for some, and not so good for others.

Your income level most likely is one of the considerations on whether you like this or not, but as with any tax situation, you need to have all your ducks in a row. Because although Texas has no state income tax, the state does have higher sales taxes and higher property taxes.

And calling on a reputable, trusted tax resolution and business strategies company to handle your tax concerns is the smart move.

Our team of experts can help guide you through any tax issues you may have, either helping you avoid potential penalties, to helping you resolve any problems with either the local, state, or federal government tax agencies.

Texas Has No State Income Tax, so What Does That Mean for You

Texas Has No State Income Tax, so What Does That Mean for You?

While there is no Texas state income tax, the state does make up for that in other ways.

Primarily, that is with higher gas and oil taxes, and a greater than average sales tax. Property taxes and corporate taxes are also an area where certain services are paid for with higher tax rates.

And while people in a higher income level may benefit the most from a lack of income tax in Texas, that just means your daily money management needs to be effective; and of course, the year-end tax issues be adhered to timely and efficiently.

Our team of tax attorneys and professionals can help you figure out the best way of handling your tax burden when you have questions or have problems that need to be resolved.

They are adept and skilled at working with the respective government tax agency to help you satisfy your tax responsibilities.

What to Do If You Develop Tax Problems

Our certified professionals can handle any tax needs you may have.

Our tax services include handling bookkeeping, appeals, delinquent taxes, penalty abatements, unpaid taxes, tax preparation, as well as tax planning, tax compliance, IRS negotiations, and a full array of business services.

We have a team of IRS experts trained to handle any IRS audit. So if you receive an IRS notice, we speak their language so bring it to us, and we’ll help you.

Let Us Be Your Tax Experts for All Your Personal or Business Tax Needs

Let Us Be Your Tax Experts for All Your Personal or Business Tax Needs

While Texas has no state income tax and that can be beneficial, knowing how it works or doesn’t work for you is something to consider.

Confused on the pros and cons? If you are, that is certainly understandable; particularly if you’re new to the state or considering a move to the great state of Texas. Call us; we can enlighten you. Money management is of critical importance at all times, but especially so with complicated tax responsibilities that exist, like Texas.

Trust in our professional tax experts, and we’ll make life easier for you and your business. Call us for a free, no-hassle consultation, and we’ll take a look at your unique situation and set out straight away to help.