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Tax Preparation with Escobar & Associates

Tax Preparation Austin, Tx. Managing and filing your own taxes can be aggravating, confusing and worrisome. It may also be costly in the long run- you could neglect to add deductions you qualify for or you may make mistakes that could eventually result in penalties and fines, leading to a rocky and uncertain financial future. The knowledgeable tax preparation Austin specialists at Escobar & Associates can take this burden off your shoulders so you can get back to doing what you enjoy.

Tax authorities speak a special, complex language that makes it difficult to determine the best way to prepare and execute your taxes. Many good taxpayers who strive to be compliant find themselves in a tax mess simply because the language and process is convoluted and immensely technical. They are losing money every time they file, unaware of common things they could be deducting from their taxes, and spending years paying taxes to the tax authority when they should have been qualifying for an annual refund. Sometimes, taxpayers erroneously add deductions where they should not, which can prove to be disastrous in the long run. If those mistakes are caught a few years down the road, it can create a lengthy tax and financial nightmare. Those are the little mistakes that could prompt an audit and you could find yourself dealing with the steep fines and mounting interest that come with possessing delinquent taxes.

Tax Preparation is Essential

It is imperative to have a qualified tax preparer who is well versed and up to date on the current tax code, as it changes and evolves constantly. The tax specialists at Escobar & Associates will ensure your taxes are done properly, accurately, and in full compliance of the tax code, minimizing your tax liability. A professional tax specialist has intimate knowledge of deductions and can save you money, fast. Just as they know to find deductions you may have overlooked, you can rest assured that mistakes will be avoided. Additionally, the bookkeepers and tax planners at Escobar & Associates can alert you to possible deductions you can use on future tax returns, and help you plan and adjust your business so you can qualify for more deductions later, saving you even more money in the long run. If your bookkeeping could use some TLC, our bookkeepers can get you organized as soon as possible and keep your books in order for years to come. The goal is to minimize your tax liability and maximizing your deductions, while keeping you fully tax code compliant.

Don’t miss out on the tax credits and deductions that you are entitled to.
Protect your financial future and contact the Austin tax preparation experts at Escobar & Associates.