Removal of Tax Liens


removal of tax liens

The Austin professional tax preparers and IRS tax experts at My Tax Pro specialize in finding the best strategies to remove state and federal tax liens. If you have received notice that a lien has been placed on your property, you need to address the situation immediately, or your property may eventually be seized.

Depending on the origin of the tax lien, there are a variety of ways to resolve the issue and this can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating for the average taxpayer. For example, the IRS details time lines in how you can challenge their claims, appeal or settle the claim, and if you miss these opportunities, your property and financial future may be at risk. It is important to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable IRS enrolled agent for federal cases to ensure the best possible resolution.

What happens when a Tax Lien is placed?

When the government claims you owe back taxes and they feel you have neglected or refused to pay them, they have the ability to place a lien on your property and/or other assets. Government liens are publicly filed with your local government, which means that the lien will be reported to your creditors and the information is available to the public at large; the lien may remain on your tax history indefinitely.

Serious consequences arise from having an IRS or state lien; with your credit negatively impacted, you may have trouble purchasing or selling a vehicle or property, difficulty obtaining a credit card and even renting a home or finding a job. Further, it can apply to all future assets and business interests you have during the time that the lien is in place, so anything you acquire during this time may also eventually be seized.

It is imperative to resolve your issues with the lien holder as soon as possible and it is advisable to have professional representation to ensure the best possible outcome. If you neglect to resolve your dispute with the state government or the IRS, they can impose a levy on your properties officially seizing them and then sell them to pay off the alleged debt.

Find the relief and support you need!

Each case brought to My Tax Pro is carefully evaluated so that the best strategy for your individual case can be determined. Dealing with a tax lien can make life difficult, but know that our Austin, Texas based IRS and state tax experts will work diligently on your behalf, pursuing every avenue and tactic to provide you with tax debt relief. Further, if you enlist our comprehensive bookkeeping services and tax preparation services, you can rest easy that in the future, you will have a full tax team on your side to deal with any tax matter that may arise. Contact My Tax Pro for your free consultation and leave the tax negotiations to the experts.