the appeals process

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service or your state tax authority can be an arduous process in the best of times. Even if you believe you are jumping through the right hoops, little mistakes, bad information, misunderstandings and missed deadlines can cause big problems. The appeals process is different for every tax authority and for every situation, but know that the Austin tax expert at My Tax Pro is well versed in appeal strategies and will work relentlessly to obtain a favorable outcome of your appeal.

The Appeals Process

When dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, you may be appealing their claim to taxes they allege you owe or decisions they have made regarding your tax case. Their appeals process is complicated, so it is important to have superior representation by experts in the field who understand the process and can guide you to a favorable outcome. The mission of the appeals process through the IRS is to negotiate and come to an agreement between the IRS Appeals Office and the taxpayer or taxpayer’s representative without having to go to court. The taxpayer can also opt to have the case taken to tax court directly without engaging in the appeals process. Appeals made on the basis of anything other than the breadth of tax code and tax laws will not be considered. If you are attempting to appeal a seizure, levy or lien additional information may be required to substantiate your case. Depending on the sum that is allegedly owed, either a small case request or a formal written process may be filed. There are many factors that will determine which is appropriate for your case. The time limit to file an appeal is generally 30 days from the time you received the letter with the proposed tax adjustment. The Appeals Office is an independent organization inside the Internal Revenue Service whose sole objective is to impartially resolve disputes between the Government and taxpayer.

The Austin TX tax expert at My Tax Pro has an excellent track record obtaining the desired results while representing their clients through Internal Revenue Service’s appeals process. You have a right to disagree with the IRS’s assessment and should exercise your right to a reevaluation. Pursuing an appeal is just one of the tools My Tax Pro uses to defend your rights and helps you overcome your tax debt issues. Contact us for a free consultation to determine the best course of action to resolve your tax woes.