Successful Cases


Below are a few examples of our dedication to solving your tax crises.

Tax Case #1 – Payroll Taxes

An attorney and his wife, a veterinarian, owed the IRS over $875,000, in payroll taxes from five different partnerships in which they were involved. The IRS aggressively came after them, but an offer in compromise was prepared on behalf of our clients. The IRS agreed to a settlement of $70,000, forgiving the remainder of the taxes.

Tax Case #2 – Unpaid Personal Income Tax

A construction worker had not filed his personal income taxes for the last twelve years. After preparing all the necessary returns and filing them with the IRS, the taxpayer owed more than $100,000 in taxes, penalties, and interest. After a series of successful negotiations with the IRS, they agreed to settle the entire debt for $6,909, forgiving the balance.

Tax Case #3 – Unpaid Personal Income Tax

A homebuilder was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. The homebuilder drew his $200,000 life insurance policy before his death and took his family to places he always wanted to take them. After his death, his spouse was approached by the IRS and informed that the couple had not filed taxes for over five years. The distraught spouse filed all the necessary tax returns and found she owed over $223,000. A successful offer in compromise settled the entire balance for only $3,260.

Tax Case #4 – Delinquent Taxes

The IRS audited a real estate broker’s previously prepared income tax returns shortly after a divorce and discovered over $1,255,000 in delinquent taxes. After filing a petition in tax court, the case was settled with an appeals officer for $250,000. The taxpayer, however, did not have the means to pay that amount. A successful offer in compromise settled the case for only $2,500.

Tax Case #5 – Expired Statue of Limitations

The IRS garnished a car salesman’s paycheck because he owed over $64,700. After we researched the matter fully, we discovered the statue of limitations had expired. After extensive negotiations, the IRS agreed to release the garnishment and to release the tax liens having satisfied the debt completely.

Tax Case #6 – Penalties and Interest

A contractor paid over $33,000 in penalties and interest on 941 payroll taxes. After filing a claim for abatement and a claim for refund of penalties, as well as, a several negotiation sessions with the IRS, Escobar & Associates triumphed. The contractor received the refunds, and the IRS agreed to abate all penalties under reasonable cause.

These are a few cases that demonstrate the level of success My Tax Pro can achieve for you in your tax situation.