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The New Year inspires us to put problems from the year before behind us and embrace the present and the future. You may choose to spend your January putting a troubled romance to bed, making peace with a coworker, or embracing a healthier lifestyle through focusing on a good diet and exercise. Now is also a fantastic time to get your financials in order. In just a few months, your 2015 taxes will be due. Instead of struggling to manage it all on your own, it’s the perfect time to speak with the Austin tax preparation specialists at Escobar & Associates to get your 2015 properly tucked away.

Most people find that hiring professionals to manage their tax prep is hugely valuable, for several reasons. No one likes organizing and completing their own tax documents. It’s hard to know what’s important to include, what can help you save the most and what forms to fill out. Plus, it’s easy to make mistakes and if you make enough of the wrong mistakes, this could prove disastrous in the future! You never know what might prompt an IRS audit- it’s better to know that your taxes were prepared correctly the first time around. Of course, people are happier knowing their taxes are being handled by experts; it reduces risk and boosts savings! Not only do they spare themselves the stress and frustration of navigating complicated tax code, but they also end up saving a bundle of cash by being alerted to deductions they’ve missed in the past. It’s your money- you should receive the maximum in credits and deductions that you are entitled to.

Escobar & Associates is also proud to offer tax-planning services, which will help you compose an all-inclusive tax strategy. These Austin tax planners will show you how to increase your eligibility for more credits and deductions in the future. Often, just a few little changes to your business plan or private life can pave the way for huge savings! Every tax plan is crafted to your unique set of circumstances to work within the tax code to maximize your benefits.

You may be tempted to wait until closer to the deadline to get things organized, but you shouldn’t delay. There’s no reason to wait to save money and remove stress! Contact the tax preparation Austin-based experts at Escobar & Associates for a consultation to properly wrap up 2015.

Be happy, be healthy and take the tax burden off your shoulders. You deserve to start your 2016 right.