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At Escobar and Associates we ensure our clients a strategic resolution to every challenging IRS case.

From filing back taxes, removing tax levies and liens, managing
seized property or just handling the penalty for filing taxes late – we have worked on all ends of
the spectrum. In 2009, the IRS estimated that 8.2 million Americans owed over $83 billion in
penalties, interest, and back taxes alone. Despite the dire need for resolution, millions of
Americans continue to fall behind every year.


Escobar and Associates are known for providing more than 30 years of tax resolutions
and business strategies. Our experienced Tax Specialists have one focus in mind, making your tax problems, our
problems. You will be represented by our IRS Enrolled Agents who are invested to evolve with
the ever-changing tax codes. Obtaining tax relief can present itself in a number of ways, let us
find what works for you. First, we assess your case, investigate aggressively, then propose the
best course of action. Bringing you to compliance and protecting you from collection is one step
closer to the financial freedom you deserve. Built on three decades of community not only do
we stand behind our work but beside our clients, every step of the way.