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The U.S. tax system can be really challenging to navigate. Sometimes, or even all the time, you need a little help and there is nothing wrong with that. There are quite a few resources that provide free tax filing assistance. Some of them are offered to taxpayers with a certain eligibility you need to qualify for. If you aren’t looking for additional help with tax services, these resources are fantastic to get some assistance.

Where You Can Get Free Tax Services

The IRS website:

The IRS website has a tremendous amount of available information to help resolve various taxation issues, places to ask questions and offer solutions. This informative site offers complete details on how to file tax returns, how to file deductions for individuals and businesses, taxation rules, common errors made during tax file returns and much more. You can download all kinds of tax application forms here and check dates and deadlines for paying taxes, filing returns etc. When you need basic tax information, you don’t need to hire a tax services provider in Austin – Just visit the IRS website and get all details.

Free File:

This service is offered by the IRS in collaboration with the private tax software suppliers. Free File is available to those people/businesses that have income within a certain thresholds. With this service, software guides you through the process. It’s very popular – 80% of all taxpayers use it. If your income is above the threshold, you may still use this service for a fee. You need to be very careful as you fill out the forms- any small error could generate flawed tax records. When in doubt, show your results with a tax expert in Austin.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance  and Counseling:

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is designed especially for people with a low-income, senior citizens, and military groups. They offer every service including filing tax returns for free, tips to resolve unpaid taxes, free advice, and tax preparation services to the people that qualify for it. The link above will help you find local assistance.

IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center:

When you need one-on-one consultation and free tax advice straight from the IRS then you can visit one of their centers directly,  located in your city. Details of the assistance center near you can be obtained from the IRS website.

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