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If you had a bad financial year and suffered losses in business then the thought of paying taxes proves troublesome for the mind. However, the fact of the matter is that there are methods to resolve the issue of delinquent property taxes. You can take some professional help to figure out the best possible alternative and stick to the plan. The idea is to get rid of the situation and remain aware of it to prevent any hassles in the future.

How to Pay Off Delinquent Property Taxes in Austin?

Call the authorities to devise a solution

You can certainly ease out the burden of paying lump sum by choosing instalments to pay off taxes. Check with a tax expert about how long do you have to pay property taxes in Texas. If things seem out of control then assess the penalties for delinquency and choose methods like partial payment. It is better if you can pay the full amount to stay away from collection fees.

Prevent auction by a feasible payment plan

Check if you can pay on the tax office website or make credit card payment. With credit card, you can make full payment as it will reduce your chances of penalty and prevent interest on the payable amount. Still, it’s best to discuss things with the authorities or ask your tax service provider to chart a plan that causes minimum financial damage to you and prevents auction of property.

Check the delinquent tax list

If you are running behind in tax payments then you have methods to check it. You can look it into the delinquent tax list. Best is to ask your tax expert to check if you are falling behind things and getting noticed for that. If yes then the best way is to be quick in paying taxes and prevents any harm to your property. Find whether you can make payment online and keep a record of the receipts of payment.

Go for escrow account: If you cannot make partial payments due to any reason then create an escrow account in a bank. These accounts are used to accumulate property tax funds. After you manage enough money i.e. when a lump sum is deposited then you can request for a cashier’s check for the delinquent tax payment. It is advisable to go for cashier’s check as many some of the government bodies do not acknowledge other checks.

Hire tax service provider: Taxation laws keep on changing and vary with each state. You may miss out on these laws and so, it is always advisable to hire best tax service provider to avoid any loop holes in your delinquent tax payment. Ask your tax expert to design a solution that minimizes your tax payments and stick to his/her plan.

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