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As we all know that delinquent taxes are the ones which were not paid on time to the government. The final solution of such taxes is to foreclose the property through liens issued in favor of the government. Before the allotment of a lien, the government issues a notice to the owner and mentions a date till which the property will not be foreclosed or sold. Either the owner can pay this amount which includes the delinquent taxes in Austin plus the penalties, interest and any other legal expenses.

Now, one can prevent the sale of the property subjected to delinquent taxes in Austin Texas. The best way to deal with it is to check any notices from the government about the issue of lien. Also, check the grace period given before foreclosing or selling the property. You can save the auction or sale of this property by purchasing the property. There is a provision of getting a loan to protect the property under delinquent taxes but you need to take the advice of tax service providers in Austin. Only they can study the details of the case and come to a solution to resolve the matter.

Another way is to hire a tax expert or lawyer who takes total responsibility of saving the property and the delinquent taxes as well. You can even think about filing for bankruptcy but that will not save the property from being auctioned or sold. Or, if you choose the best tax provider in Austin then he/she can save your property from being sold. They can even help you struck-off the deal as in the property does not get sold on the same date but gets available for resale. The owners of the property with delinquent taxes are not allowed to bid for the tax sale.

The silver lining in the cloud is that the owner can use his/her redemption rights to save the property on tax sale in Austin. For this, they first need to check the kind of property which is divided into following two categories:

Properties without a Homestead Exemption or Special Land-Use Designation

You can use the redemption right within six months of the deed finalization date. The redemption cost would be a sum of everything including all taxes plus any cost or fees paid as well as 25% more to the buyer

Properties with a Homestead Exemption or Special Land-Use Designation

The owner can use the redemption right within two years of deed finalization date. The total payment or redemption cost would be a sum total of all taxes plus fees, expenses and 25% to the buyer in the first year and 50% of the total in the second year. Well, this can be a really expensive affair and so, be regular with your taxes and if you have any delinquent taxes in Austin Texas then reach out to a tax expert who can help you save the money.

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