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“We’ll Solve Your Tax Problems!”

When looking for an IRS enrolled agent Austin, an Austin tax lawyer, or anyone to help you resolve your case with the IRS, you need to choose your tax resolution partner wisely. It’s important to do your research. Just because someone spends millions of dollars on advertising does NOT mean you should automatically trust them.

More importantly, you need to make sure that your tax resolution specialist is more useful than a talking toilet paper holder.

The deadpan, humorless profile of Patrick Cox, founder of Tax Masters, Inc., was the constant companion of every insomniac with a cable television subscription for a number of years. His stunted demeanor and scripted drawl haunted viewers on all the major networks. The ads were prolific and everyone became aware of Cox’s frozen demeanor. Their TV spots became legendary by just how bland and awkward they were. Even Saturday Night Live spoofed the commercial back in 2010, as immortalized by Gawker.

Tax Masters was found guilty in 2012 of over “110,000 violations of Texas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act,” according to Fox Business. They spent millions of dollars on advertising and still owed the cable networks money when they filed for bankruptcy just before the judgment came in against them. They took money from people without providing the services they promised and left them in worse shape than they were in before they started.

How were so many people fooled into using a company that had had complaints on file against them for years? There are few things more terrifying than being audited by the IRS. The letters, the phone calls, the threats of property seizure– it’s unnerving. Unfortunately, there are people and companies out there who want to take advantage of people feeling desperate for relief and they’ll try to take your money without providing you with the services you’ve retained them for. Scared for your future, you latch onto the first self proclaimed IRS tax expert you can find, hand them some money and BAM- they fill your head full of empty promises and walk off with your cash. In the end, you’ve wasted money and time to negotiate with the IRS- and that time will cost you even more money.

Hiring Tax Masters was the equivalent of buying an Inflatable Buffet, except that at some point you might actually get some service out of the buffet.

Your tax problems aren’t a joke. You need to partner up with a firm who wants to see you succeed with Austin IRS enrolled agents on staff. Do your research and choose someone who is invested in your future.