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For all those non-filing taxpayers, it becomes urgent and important to get details about tax return obligations and how to start the returns filing process at the earliest. If you have delinquent taxes then also you need to check with your tax service provider to become regular with returns process. It is best to start the process as soon as possible or else you would be penalized with fines by the IRS.

Why Should You File Delinquent Tax Returns At The Earliest?

Delinquent tax returns are checked and scrutinized by the IRS to ensure that you are not taking deductions especially when you don’t qualify for them. You should file any delinquent taxes in Austin to keep away interest and penalty on late payment.

The income claim: You need all documents and details of the income you are claiming the tax returns for. Discuss with your tax service provider to prove your income on the delinquent tax return. Choose the method that best suits your current tax and returns scenario.

File all tax returns: It is advisable to file all delinquent tax returns and make things even. The next question that must crop up is how many years back can you get a tax refund? Well, few of the tax service providers in Austin may suggest you file last six years of delinquent returns to deal with a statute of limitations but as it is not valid for assessing pending taxes or tax returns. Therefore, you should file all the pending tax returns.

In cases where you cannot prove your income, it is advisable to consult an experienced tax service provider. In most cases, the attorneys would ask you to not file the return however, IRS will look into the matter and decide whether they want you to file it or not.

Things You Must Know About the Process of Filing Delinquent Tax Returns

There are two most common methods of filing pending tax returns:

  1. The IRS service center
  2. With the help of Automated Substitute for Return unit

On submitting the file, you will get an invoice from IRS with details like penalties, interest, failure to pay or file the returns. The IRS can inspect your books once to find the actual payable tax. They may ask you for any part of a complete return to ensure that information given by you is correct.

If your delinquent taxes are in the collection process then IRS will stop the collection once you file the returns. It will assess the taxes and start charging interest. You need to inform the revenue agent that you have filed for returns as it will show them that you are trying to even the taxes and they cannot file liens and levies in your case.

If you are still not clear about the process of filing for delinquent tax returns then its best to consult the best tax service provider in Austin. They will manage your return filing process and save you from the clutches of IRS. They will also inform you about how long property taxes can go unpaid and the best methods to file for late tax return refund.

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