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Filing tax returns is an inevitable part of your civic duty and should not be ignored. If you ignore it or cannot pay the taxes then you can be punished for doing so. Before the situation goes out of control, you should take professional help to deal with delinquent taxes. The tax experts in Austin will help you to simplify the matter and clear your taxes in a way that you do not become a culprit in the eye of the federal tax department.

Delinquent Taxes in Austin

Important Tips To Manage Delinquent Taxes In Austin Texas:

Hire best tax preparers in Austin Texas: Well, if you want to save yourself from the wrath of IRS then it is always best to get professional help. If you ever receive a notice from IRS then reach out to the best tax service provider in Austin and discuss your situation. Act in accordance with the advice of the tax expert and come out of the ‘delinquent tax syndrome’.

Know your rights and duties: You should be aware of your taxation related rights and your duties towards the government. Discuss with the tax expert about the various options and legalities to handle the issue of delinquent tax returns.

File your taxes: Whether you can pay or not, just go ahead with filing your taxes as the penalty of late filing is much more than that of late payment. So, even if you cannot pay taxes just go through the delinquent federal taxes list and make sure that you file the relevant taxes on time.

Ask for extension time: You could be granted a six months extension time which may stretch some more if you are located overseas. If you pay around 90% of delinquent tax returns within the extended time then you do are not eligible for the failure-to-pay tax penalty.

Pay in installments: If you file tax returns regularly and have tax payments less than $50,000 then IRS can set up a monthly installment schedule to ease up the burden of paying taxes. Pay the installments on time to avoid any penalties.

Use a credit card: Although it may not seem like the best option to use a credit card to pay taxes, it certainly is very helpful. The interest on your credit card payment is much lower than the IRS fines and interest. Moreover, with a credit card, you can clear the entire delinquent tax amount without any delay.

Request an Offer in Compromise: If nothing works out then it is best to request an Offer in Compromise in which you need to pay just part of the entire tax payments. However, this works out only if the IRS agrees that your case is genuine and you are actually unable to pay the taxes.

Documentation is important: Maintain all your communication details and make sure you talk to the IRS authorities through certified mails. Save the receipts of tax payments and document all your communication with the IRS. This helps if anything goes wrong during the process of dealing with delinquent federal taxes.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to deal with delinquent taxes. Make sure that you resolve things under the guidance of best tax services providers in Austin. Escobar & Associates have been helping its clients to resolve the issue of delinquent taxes in Austin. We have an expert team that deals with tax issues and suggests proper solutions. To know how we can help you minimize penalty on your taxes, just give us a call on 512-442-3055 or CONTACT US.