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Owning your own home is exciting. From having the creative freedom to decorate and modify your house as you please to the solitude that having your own home can bring, there is no end to the benefits of owning a home.

If you work hard and pay your dues, you may even eventually own the home yourself without having to pay a mortgage, as it will be paid off after a certain amount of time, unlike a rental property which you will have to pay rent on indefinitely. Owning a home has no end of benefits.

However, there ARE some drawbacks. One of which is property taxes. Property taxes include any sort of taxation from private or the state that is applied to your house. Having property tax is just as important as any other tax, as it helps society as a whole function smoothly.

However, when people come on hard times there is a chance that they will forget or neglect to pay their property taxes, which can unfortunately result in some unwanted penalties.

What To Do About Delinquent Property Taxes

What To Do About Delinquent Property Taxes

When your property taxes turn delinquent, it means that you have neglected to pay them for a certain number of months. Many things can happen once your property taxes turn delinquent.

One thing that can happen is a lien can be placed on the house that surpasses even your mortgage, meaning that in order to sell it or do anything regarding your house you MUST pay it off. In the worst case, your house might be put up for a tax sale where your house will become the property of someone else, meaning you will have to move and find a new place to live.

What can you do about it? Well, there are many things you can contest. If you feel that your house has been improperly taxed according to its value throughout the months of you paying you can contest and attempt to reclaim your house.

This means you get the house back. However, this can usually only happen during the lien stage. If your house has been attempted to be claimed for a tax sale to find a new owner for the property, your best and safest bet at this stage is to hire a competent attorney to help you with the case.

A good lawyer can help you reclaim your house and settle these property tax claims against you, meaning you can continue living in the house and going about your business as normal.

Get Help from the Best Attorneys Now

Get Help from the Best Attorneys Now!

So if your house is about to go to tax sale and you need help in contesting it, call us at Escobar and Associates for information on how our amazing and competent attorneys can help you reclaim your house and settle any liens or debts placed against you.

Don’t let your house be reclaimed, if you have delinquent property taxes call us today to find out what we can do for you for reclaiming and helping you win your case.