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There are many of us who fall short in paying their state taxes and perhaps take things for granted. However, it is not an easy thing to chew as you are always on the tax collector’s radar and any kind of unpaid taxes are noticed with a precise eye. You definitely face dire consequences if you do not pay the taxes as per the legal system of the state. For example, if you fail to pay property taxes or have any delinquent taxes then the legal authorities have the right to foreclose sale of your property. Today let us focus on unpaid property taxes and how they can be a big pain in the neck when you forget to pay them.

What Are The Possible Results If I Have Unpaid Taxes In Texas?

Well, you are sure to lose your home or property kept as a tax lien in the event of having unpaid taxes to your name. The only ray of hope is that the legal authorities inform you about the date of foreclosing sale of your property and so, you have that last chance to save it. You can take help of tax service providers in Austin for the legal procedure to pay the delinquent amount and save your property. You can also buy back the property after the foreclose sale but you may have to spend a lot more than you think. So, the best way to save foreclosure of the property is to be regular with taxes and prevent any kind of delinquent taxes.

If you are careless about paying delinquent property taxes in Texas then the overdue amount is considered as a lien on the property making it vulnerable to the foreclosure process. The tax department would appeal to the court to resolve your unpaid taxes and in no time your home would be sold. In case, they don’t find a suitable buyer the property is considered as “struck-off”, which means that it would be owned by the county. The county has the right to sell it at some other time.

You will be informed in advance about the property sale through a written notice or an email. It will have all the details including date, time, location and other details. At times, the tax department makes a public announcement of property foreclosure so, you need to be vigilant and check the dailies and newspapers on a regular basis. If you cannot manage the payment of unpaid taxes then your property would be sold to the highest bidder in the auction.  The payable amount can be either the amount of judgment or the current value of the home.

Also, you should contact a tax expert in Austin and ask him/her on how to stop property tax auction. They will suggest you a legal process to ensure that there are no chances of inaccuracy. It will help you save the property without making any legal blunder. Still, if the property is sold then you can redeem it within a certain pre-decided time frame which is two years in Texas. The best method is to clear all unpaid taxes and save your home or property from foreclosure.

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