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Our modern life is full of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. For some things, depending on our personal strengths, it is absolutely worth the challenge. For other things…well, it’s best in the long run to hire a professional. Keeping your accounts in order may seem straightforward at first. Unfortunately, without years of experience, while keeping up on the constant changes in best practices and tax code, that particular DIY exercise can cost you dearly in the long run. Having an expert handle your bookkeeping in Austin, Texas, or anywhere in the country, will save you time, will save you money, and save you grief, if you were ever audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

Why not do-it-yourself? You’re smart, talented, educated….how hard can it be? We are clearly driven with a “You Can Do It” approach to many things. Your child wants a Spiderman cake? No problem! After a quick Google search, you have recipes, tips, and techniques- surely this will make up for your lack of experience. You’ve always admired the tiling in your aunt’s bathroom. A couple classes at the local tile store, supplies purchased on the Internet, you’re all fired up and ready to go. You saw a beautiful photograph of a garden on Pinterest and want to recreate it in your own yard. One landscaping book later, the plants are purchased and you’re digging up a storm.

What happens when the cake collapses and five tries later, nothing has changed? The bathroom walls weren’t quite straight and the tile is all over the place? You didn’t take into account the way your yard drains and now your back door floods every time it rains? These are all expensive lessons and fine examples of a Pinterest Fail “Where Good Intentions Come to Die.” As time-consuming and costly as these mistakes can be, they can be fixed without long-term repercussions. But what happens if, years after “doing your best” with your company books, you are audited and all those years’ worth of mistakes come to light all at once? You can’t run to the local supermarket, begrudgingly buy a generic ice cream cake before the party starts, and have a good laugh with your other parent friends later on. Not only are you likely missing out on the general advantages of hiring a professional bookkeeper, you are opening up your business to disaster if your accounting isn’t accurate.

You cannot afford to let your business books become a Pinterest Fail.

The bookkeeping Austin-based experts of Escobar & Associates are here to ensure your accounting is on target and much more. If you do find yourself under the microscope of the Internal Revenue Service, there are IRS enrolled agents on staff who will guide you through the process and deliver the most desirable outcome possible. Hiring a professional bookkeeper will not prevent an audit- but it will make an audit far less stressful, knowing your books were in the right hands all along.