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Austin residents with delinquent taxes shall be ready to face hard blow of getting higher tax bills from now onwards. They can expect higher bills for energy, recycling and property as per the city proposed the fiscal year 2017-18. This came up as a result of a ‘tax swap’ planning made by the Mayor Steve Adler. According to him, the city would increase its taxes while the AISD would reduce them. The direct benefit of the swap is that less money would go to the State’s recapture. This, in turn, will get us a bigger fund for the city’s development activities.

As a result of this, there would be a 13.2 percent increase in the property tax, a 3.6 percent increase in energy taxes, which is around $3 per month. According to Steve Adler, “the money made out of the taxes has to be used for municipal purpose. It could be used for a park, a clinic, or a program or something associated with traffic.” This clearly hints higher penalty for any kind of delinquent taxes.

The Mayor is open for suggestions from the people and has said that “I intend for this community to investigate and talk about as many different creative ideas as we can find to have more money in our district, to lower property taxes, and to be able to get more done.” The living wage employees can expect higher salaries as next year’s budget plans to offer incentives to companies that offer training for middle and low skilled workers.

To get a public opinion, the Mayor has kept a public hearing on 17th August and a second round of it is scheduled on 31st August. If the proposal is passed, then Austin residents shall be ready to pay an average of $10 extra per month.

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