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    The IRS garnished a car salesman’s paycheck because he owed over $64,700. After we researched the matter fully, we discovered the statue of limitations had expired. After extensive negotiations, the IRS agreed to release the garnishment and to release the tax liens having satisfied the debt completely.

    A construction worker had not filed his personal income taxes for 12 years. After preparing all the necessary returns and filing them with the IRS, the taxpayer owed more than $100,000 in taxes, penalties, and interest. After several successful negotiations with the IRS, they agreed to settle the entire debt for $6,909, forgiving the balance.

    An attorney and his wife, owed the IRS over $875,000, in payroll taxes from 5 different partnerships in which they were involved. The IRS aggressively came after them, but an offer in compromise was prepared on behalf of our clients. The IRS agreed to a settlement of $70,000, forgiving the remainder of the taxes.

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